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Mr/Mrs Potato Head

It just rips me that costume stores make the “good” costumes for men, and literally everything for women looks nothing like what they’re supposed to because they’re goal is to show as much skin as possible. I have no problem with showing skin… but if I want to dress sexy, it’s gonna be something sexy…. if I want to dress like Mrs. Potato head, you bet your ass I’m going to look like a fat fucking starchy potato.

Also, this is a great tumblr.

Preach it

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Alex Minsky

Afghanistan veteran 24-year-old, Alex Minsky. Alex lost his leg when his truck rolled over an improvised explosive device. Alex journey back to life wasn’t easy. He has overcome some difficult times and come out on top. Now rising model and most importantly an inspirational hero for countless people with disabilities who proves life can continue even after that in all it’s beauty.


can i have him EVERYDAY!? my god. 

That “I’m with stupid” tattoo on his foot though. 

The “don’t laugh” tattoo is killing me.


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Eat it up tumblr

Eat it up tumblr


Joseph Gordon-Levitt for OUT


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“That’s why she’s in love with you, you know…There were a lot of other boys, but they didn’t scare her. She rather frightened them, I think. You’re very different. But I think you frightened her, and that’s why she likes you.” —Aurelia Plath, Sylvia (via fawun)

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I want this

I want this

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The moon hangs like the blade of an axe tonight.

and the day is saved, with Saves the Day. Back to writing. BUZZOFFYO

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My Muse…
Writing an Essay on POPE….

My Muse…

Writing an Essay on POPE….

Any of you out in tumblr land knowledgable on Alexander pope?! Having trouble with a few lines in Epistle to Miss Blount !

Mumma must have been a real good girl!!!! 😍💑😘

Mumma must have been a real good girl!!!! 😍💑😘


As Little C grows into a quite lanky human being I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to get her from point A to point B in the coming months and years. I began looking for a low toxin and somewhat eco-friendly convertible seat but nothing except  disappointment after disappointment appeared. Then one day I came across the Clek Foonf and just like that most of my prayers to the magical car seat gods were answered. They are recyclable and made with minimal chemicals and harmful toxins! AND THEY’RE RECYCLABLE!! 

Being one of those silly fools who thinks that there is someway, somehow to avoid plastic in daily living I was pleased to find out that although I cannot avoid plastic in this case, I can recycle it with the company and feel immensely less guilty! 

Now, I am faced with another problem. How are we going to function with only one car seat between MUM, Papa and our two grandmother caregivers? This car seat is a little on the pricey side but considering it will get us from 11 months to nearly 4 or 5 years I don’t mind a little splurge for the better made product. However, due to the fact the it is so expensive I will not be able to buy an identical spare to float around everyone else’s cars as I had previously planned. So now I must buy our dream car seat and the least-evil-cheaper car seat I can find as a “sub”.

I guess what I’m asking here is, do any of you have any recomendations? I’ve been doing endless amounts of research but I am continuing to come up empty handed. The results of the 2011 most toxic car seats were helpful but more terrifying than anything and since they were for the 2011 car seats I couldn’t buy any of the somewhat decent car seats from the prior year 

I am forcing my way back into the blogging world with big news for all my followers. I am taking the steps to becoming a stay-at-home-mom (with exception to a few school days). This is very exciting news for any of you who know me personally or follow my blog relatively closely. To this some of you may say, “what blog Ashleigh?” and my response is “TOUCHE”.

I could give you any one of the approximately eight million excuses I have meticulously crafted as to why I don’t do anything any more but that would be useless. This is due entirely to the fact that if you’re following me you’re most likely a parent or are very involved in children’s lives. If this is indeed the case to each and every one of my approximately eight million excuses you would respond with a stabbing, “and your point is?” or knowing most of you something more witty and cunning but at this late hour thats the best you’re getting from me. 

So here it is, my vow to you all, that I will be here at least once every two days with a somewhat thoughtful post about something remotely related to being a mom/student/house-non-wife (yeah I’m waiting STILL on him to “put a ring on it”). 

Along with the renovations that will come with my blog, an etsy shop will be making an appearance as well. I’m not going to be able to ride on the coattails of Devin’s mediocre paying job to financial content-ness, so mama must make a few extra pennies here and there.  

I will also be accepting requests on any topics which you would like me to give my input or discuss. Since I have a ten month old and an associates degree I feel like my opinion is finally sought after and valid. PFFFFT.  

I also ask you to find it in the kindness of your hearts to share my page with a friend or even a foe for all I care. Let’s just try to get more people to be interested in the lack of interestingness that is my life.

You’re all amazing.



We voted for gay marriage

We voted for gay marriage